Gift Shop

Casalinda gift shop is a very attractive shop, 24 hours service with lots of gift materials such as sophisticated wrist watches, perfumes, Italian shoes of different designs and sizes for both males and females.

Restaurant And Bar

Our Restaurant and Bar is a nice place to have drinks and food (both local and intercontinental dishes) with timely service.


The Fitness Room is highly equipped with modern gym facilities and an instructor that stands as a coach who assist in various exercises and helps you through your fitness journey.

Meeting Room

Our Meeting Hall is portable with a large ventilated window as well as 200 megawatts Air Condition that freshens the room throughout the duration of any meeting, thus, the hall comprises of 15 sitters and a long table, wireless internet that provides high speed internet access, a drop down projectors for effective presentations as well a store and a rest room that provides convenient at the cause of the meeting.